Public Engagements

I’m passionate, and committed, to self-expression. Simply put, I believe that storytelling, specifically telling the story of our lives in the first person, can act as a catalyst for promoting dialogue and change. In the past, I’ve been a public speaker in festivals, panels, and have delivered a TEDx Talk. What excites me is the opportunity to share my experiences as prompts for reflection on bigger issues, that affect all of us. I’m excited to speak on themes like migration, identity politics, and gender.


In 2018, I embarked on a journey to learn, participate, and facilitate community engagement. After leading a dynamic team in organizing TEDx Salons in my hometown, as well as kick-starting Maputo Figure Drawing, a community that keeps growing, I became invested in learning new tools and finding out what creative ideas people were using to address issues in other parts of the world. I had eye-opening experiences in Berlin, Vienna and Hong Kong, and combined these experiences in subsequent workshops I delivered, such as Subjective Mapping in Maputo, Forum Theatre in Congo and the UAE, and Zine-Making, back in Maputo.